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My sister and I work together every day. We challenge each other. We praise each other. We support each other. We are a team. We listen to each other's speeches and rants about the topic or controversy of the day. I love it!


Today, we challenged each other to go for a run. We both had moments that were rough, but we pulled each other along. As I write this, I want you to know that I realize that I have said "each other" many times. It isn't an accident. She is my partner and I am hers. Healthy U was established not only to help others to have healthy lives, but for us to do that as well. We love our place. We love our jobs. Come, be a part of our team!

Confession time. I got one of these for Christmas last year. I really did not think that I would use it. I like to eat my food rather than drink it. However, lately...... I am totally addicted! I haven't been brave enough to try one made with greens, but I love fruity ones. My favorite is to use frozen berries, a spoon full of almond or cashew butter and chocolate almond milk. Wow! It is a trip dow to flavor town! I use them as a meal replacement not a snack. It is about 250 calories. But it is loaded with delicious nutrition. Maybe soon I will get brave and try some with veggies that are savory. 

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I have learned lots of lessons from distance running. It is amazing that something I never considered doing would become an important part of my life at this stage. I always thought if I couldn't be really good at something, what's the point? Let me be clear. I stink at running. I am slow. I can't do it for long and I (secretly) hate doing it at the time. I battle my body and my mind to accomplish a run. And then there is the competitive part of me that is SO offended that I am no where nearly as good as some people that are older than me and in worse physical condition. WHAT??? But I run. I run because my friends run. I run because there are times when I am battling and my friends encourage me to keep going. That's when bonds are developed. When the weather beats you up, when the storms come, when your body is screaming. It is in those times that your pack comes along side you and helps you finish. TRIUMPH!!!! Even if it is a 30 minute training session. My first distance run was a 5K. 3.1 miles. It was farther than I ever could imagine running. I was DONE at the end of the run. After running a few 5k's, I began training for a half marathon. 5k's are the beginning training runs for a half. Just sayin'. WOW! You have to push past ever pre-conceived notion you have about yourself and just keep going. I have trained in almost every kind of weather, almost every time of day, and under all kinds of physical distress. I have been asked and have asked myself, "Why?" The answers vary from day to day. As crazy as it may seem mostly it is because I CAN'T. There is nothing to prove, yet pushing myself to improve makes me happy. Planning to run and do better keeps me motivated. Connecting with other runners is inspiring. Just talking about it drives me to persist. Running is an individual sport, but you don't do your best alone. When you are with others, you compete, you challenge, you inspire, you support others in your pack. This is the best thing about running. So, I salute my fellow and sister runners. See you out there!

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